Circumstances of a lifestyle

Good evening, Sunday is coming to an end and I must say it was a good Sunday to relax and enjoy the final day of the weekend. Tonight I want to reflect on something that happened a few days ago. Just this past Tuesday I was on my lunch break, buying stuff for my girlfriend for valentines day. I was already over my time for my lunch break, but I needed to make one more stop to finish the final touches to the surprise that I had for my lady. I decided to stop at the dollar tree to get one little thing. As I was walking up to the store, I noticed there was a man between the ages of 25 and 27 standing in front of the store.When I was going in to the store, the man was asking people for dollars as they walked out. Take in mind, this man did not look homeless but he was dressed with his pants hanging off his butt and talking like these new rappers. Not thinking about him, I went in the store, got my stuff and walked out. As soon as I got out the door, the man asked for a dollar. At first I was going to say no but I gave in and gave him the dollar because its better to give than receive and God will bless me back. His story was that someone stole his phone and some how got stranded at the store. After I gave him the dollar, the stranger then proceeded to ask were I was headed so he could possibly get ride. I politely told him I needed to return to work and I was not headed in the direction he was going. At this point, I started thinking to myself, what is this mans circumstance, that is keeping him from making a better life for himself? I question this,  because I am younger than the guy that I saw on Tuesday and I do pretty good for myself. I never really understood why people have to dress like thugs and take the fast life to get rich or succeed in life. To me, that’s not good at all. So tonight, I am asking anyone who may be able to relate to this situation to kind of give me some insight as to what could be the mans circumstance that could be keeping him from getting his education, a job, or life that will keep him out the streets? If this is something you can answer, please leave a comment below that can make some sense of this matter. I hope everyone has had a good Sunday and I look forward to your responses. Ken signing off. Good night.


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