About Me

Welcome to S.M.A.R.T. Talk with Ken. My name is Kenneth Koonce Jr. I was born in January of 1995. Yes I am a 90’s baby and a Capricorn.  I was raised in Tampa Bay, Florida. I have live in Florida all my life and I have never moved to another state. I grew up mainly in the Oldsmar, Palm Harbor area. I am the Oldest of two children. Some things you should know about me is that I used to be a DJ, I am a college student currently going to school for computer networking, I love to cook and bake, travel to see new things, and be around my family close friends and loving girlfriend. This is my second time writing a blog, so I have a little experience with doing this and I am excited to do more with this blog. The first blog I had been geared more towards music as I used to DJ. I quit DJing in 2015 due to unfortunate circumstances and now I have found something else that will keep me motivated and give me something to do outside of work and school. You should also know that I am a hard-working individual who always puts forward a lot time and effort into reaching my goals and dreams. As you read this blog, you will learn more about me as I will learn about you and hopefully someone can gain something from this ongoing experience. Please feel free to leave feedback, ask questions, or even tell your story. This is a no judging zone. No one is perfect and we all have to work on something as we are still growing no matter how old we are. So stay tuned for this exciting experience and enjoy.